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Lanzarote Biosphere Reserve

Lanzarote, a unique island that is a Biosphere Reserve. This has a meaning based on its environment and what it generates: biodiversity, territory and society, as well as their interrelation in a sustainable way.

Campaign of the senses

The Campaign of the senses is marked by the unique natural environment of Lanzarote, its textures and colours of the island’s nature: turquoise and blues of the sea and the natural pools, browns and ochres of the earth, greens, yellows of the jable, volcanic reds, violets and the eternal white.

“Lanzarote is your home”, which reflects the culture, a history with passion, the knowledge of the locals, the feelings, the care, the respect and the collaboration. Land, sea, volcanoes, energy that is transmitted … gifts that must be cared for, respected, embraced, felt, lived, understood and shared.

Lanzarote, the feeling of the island.

This relationship of respect for the environment in which we live is marked by our hands for years, it is a commitment since the declaration of Lanzarote as a Biosphere Reserve in 1993.

We have an anniversary to celebrate and we have to ask ourselves what we want for the future. Lanzarote, island of arid skin, cracked by its own strength and moulded by us with a heart that never stops beating. Our actions will determine the legacy for generations to come.

Responsibility and construction go hand in hand for our island.

Feel it, Live it, Love it and Share it… because you are Lanzarote…

Beaches in Lanzarote

Lanzarote, magical island for your marvelous holiday. A perfect place to enjoy tranquility, tourism activities as well as different type of sports.

Lanzarote, una isla de ensueño

Lanzarote is a magical island that defies definitions, as there are no words to describe the multitude of sensations you will experience by the magnificent beauty of this land.

La isla ofrece a los visitantes una amplia gama de actividades heterogéneas The island offers a wide range of various activities that allow its visitors to enjoy this beautiful place. From guided tours to all kind of sports.

Your perfect holiday experience

Lanzarote is the perfect place for complete holiday experience. It allows you to rest, visit interesting and unique sites and practice different kind of sports. In addition, visitors can enjoy great variety of magnificent beaches, distributed along the entire coastline of the island. Some beaches are of fine white sand and others of dark sand and volcanic rocks. Some with calm waters and others with waves.

Puerto del Carmen

One of the most important tourist area on the island, the oldest and probably the most traditional. Located southwest of Lanzarote it has a long over 6 km sandy beach.

Over 6 km long sandy beach

Puerto del Carmen is located southeast of Lanzarote and constitutes one of the most important tourist area of the island, the oldest and probably the most traditional. It has more than 6 km long beach, sheltered from the trade winds (Playa Grande, Los Pocillos y Matagorda are the most extensive), and varied choice of a hotel and non-hotel accommodation offer. You will also find a wide range of restaurants for all nationalities.

There is a health center, 24-hour taxis, numerous shopping centers and a post office for your deliveries.

Unique ambience of Lanzarote

At its southernmost end, we find the old port known as “El Varadero” where tourists and locals mix in harmony. Being the oldest point of the town, it has a unique environment where you can enjoy sunsets, eat local products prepared under traditional recipes, or enjoy a drink in one of its many pubs.

Traveler who visits Puerto del Carmen always comes back.

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